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Aromacat invites you to experience aromatherapy through the safety net of hydrosols.  During the distillate process of getting oils from plants, a very valuable by-product  is achieved in a water-soluble base compatible with the most sensitive needs of felines.  These hydrolats contain many of the same chemical compounds and more, but in an absolutely safe dosage.  We, at Silk Road Oils Inc, are proud to bring you and option in the care of your cat.  Our track record, our customers, and our veterinarians have proved time and again that we are a serious and effective choice.

Cat Nap – The calming influence of lavender and chamomile hydrosols soothe and quiet the most agitated feline. Liberally mist the air surrounding your cat and let nature take it course!  Your kitty becomes quiet instantly.

Immewnity Chest – Stimulate your feline’s immune system and open up breathing passages with hydrosols of Eucalyptus, Melissa and Lavender.  Liberally mist the surrounding air, allowing your cat to breathe in the vapors.

Lickity Spritzer – A blend of Colloidal Silver and Melissa Hydrosol. Together the union of these two super power ingredients knocks out the potential for infection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses stimulating their immune system and emotionally calming your pet.  Lickity Spritzer purifies your pet's yucky water bowl so it becomes a clean source of good health. Great for dogs or cats and multiple pet households.

Litter Box Neutralizer – A refreshing antiseptic blend of lavender and lemon.  Strong enough to mask odors and light enough that they still use their box.

Meow Ouch – A blend of lavender, German chamomile, yarrow and witch hazel hydrosols that is wonderfully antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Mist affected area thoroughly.  The healing will begin immediately.

Peppermint Catty’s Purrly Whites – Leave your kitty’s mouth fresh and clean with the antibacterial combination of Peppermint, Lavender and Helichrysum.  The hydrosols detoxify and stimulate circulation. Dip the pop-up massaging brush into the bottle and massage gums and teeth.  Rinse brush thoroughly and store separately for longer life.

Purrfect Ears – A blend of witch hazel and lavender hydrosols designed to soothe and clean waxy ears that harbor bothersome ear mites.  Soak a cotton cloth and wipe ears clean.

Scat! No Fleas Please – An aromatic blend of hydrosols discourages pesky fleas and the soothing effects of Melissa and Lavender balance your cat’s emotions.  Mist liberally with extra attention to underbelly and paws.

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