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Where nature and life become one in a symbiotic relationship of balance and harmony with the essential essences of life. Finely crafted blends of therapeutic grade essential oils, premium herbal infusions, carrier oils, and hydrosols meld and do nature’s work to heal and soothe the most complex common ailments of animals.  We, at Silk Road Oils Inc, are proud to bring to you an option; a decidedly right choice in the care of your pets.  Our track record, our customers, and our veterinarians have proved time and again that we are a serious and effective choice for those pet owners who love their pets

Arf-ritis Pain Relief – This is a serious treatment for stiffness and arthritic type pain. A therapeutic blend of essential oils powerfully combines to create a special treatment which is anti- inflammatory, detoxifying and relieves pain.  Place a drop on the affected area and gently massage into skin.

Bluto’s Yummy Gum Brush – An all natural breath freshener.  An exceptional blend for oral hygiene, bad breath, and periodontal disease.  Dip the pop-up massaging brush into the bottle and massage gums and teeth.  Rinse brush thoroughly and store separately for longer life.

Brilliance – This is a superb and fragrant blend of essential oils that not only enhances the luster of your dog’s coat, but it is actually good for the skin as well.  Mist the coat and rub in the sheen.

Chill-Out – A powerful aromatic blend which, after a couple of inhalations, works immediately to quiet pet nervousness.  Liberally mist the air surrounding your dog and let nature take it course!

Cough Drop – An antiviral, antibacterial, antitussive, and antihistamine blend that soothes and boosts your dog’s immune system.  Liberally mist the surrounding air, allowing your dog to breathe in the vapors.

Ear Clear – This blend is perfect for cleaning waxy, smelly ears. A unique blend of lavender and witch hazel naturally leaves your dog’s ears squeaky clean.  Soak a cotton cloth and wipe ears clean.

Flea Flicker – An exceptional flea, tick, and mosquito repellent that is anti-septic and antiviral.  Discovered by animals themselves, this blend repels the peskiest critters.  Mist liberally with extra attention to underbelly and paws.

Healthy Shine Shampoo – Contains a completely herbal base with no chemical additives and will clean and encourage the healthy growth of your dog’s coat.  Lather a small amount onto dog and rinse thoroughly.

Hot Spot – This Aromadog product is an extremely healing blend of essential oils that calms and soothes irritated lick spots. These oils plus our powerful blend of carriers, all with their own anti-inflammatory and healing properties, make a very successful product.  Hot Spot has been tested over and over with great results.  Place a drop on the affected area and gently massage into skin.

I Don’t Stink So – This blend of lime, lavender and mint, can quickly, naturally and safely mist away all unpleasant pet odors.  Mist areas your dog frequents such as dog beds, carpets and furniture.  Do not spray directly on dog.

I Itch Not – Great for dermatitis and flaking skin. Our combination of essential oils are specially blended into a powerful treatment designed to soothe and calm your dog’s problem itching.  Place a drop on the affected areas and gently massage into skin.

Ladies Man Cologne – A spicy blend of essential oils create a masculine K-9 cologne for your pet.  (No alcohol or preservatives)

Lickity Spritzer - A blend of Colloidal Silver and Melissa Hydrosol. Together the union of these two super power ingredients knocks out the potential for infection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses stimulating their immune system and emotionally calming your pet. Lickity Spritzer purifies your pet's yucky water bowl so it becomes a clean source of good health. Great for dogs or cats and multiple pet households.

Journey Home - A special rescue blend.  Each essential oil in our blend Journey Home works together to strengthen areas that have been affected by negative experiences.  This powerful blend of essential oils soothes and comforts the sharp-edged of emotional trauma. It assists with the transition from overwhelming grief, anger, and sadness to emotions that are in balance and optimistic.

Quick Fix Antiseptic Blend – Essential oils are specially selected because of their regenerative and anti-infectious properties and then combined into an antiseptic blend which allows wounds to heal faster with minimal scarring.  Mist affected area thoroughly.  The healing will begin immediately.

She Devil – Pet Perfume- Rose and lavender unlocks the vixen in every girl. (No alcohol or preservatives)

Tick season is upon us...what can you do to deter ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and other pesky insects that bothers your pets??? The answer is - Flea Flicker!

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