Ladies Man Soap with Hope
PLUS Ladies Man Cologne

A spicy, masculine blend of Bay and Lime. He will hope to get lucky with "confidence"
Holiday Price..........
$20.49 plus shipping and handling
Derma Pooch Spa Therapy Shampoo Bar PLUS I Itch Not

Perfect for dry, itchy, flaking skin and complemented with "I Itch Not". A serious treatment for bothersome irritated areas.
Holiday Price............
$26.49 plus shipping and handling
custom Bags Available as well...!

Gift Bag 1

Gift Bag 2

She Devil Beauty Bar
PLUS She Devil Perfume

A soft feminine blend of Rose and Lavender which says, "I'm all Girl!" Makes perfect Holiday Scents!
Holiday Price..........
$20.49 plus shipping and handling.

Gift Bag 3

Essential Oils for Pets