Welcome to the World of Aromacat Aromatherapy for Cats - Natural Remedies for Cats through Hydrosols.

Aromacat invites you to experience aromatherapy for cats through the safety net of hydrosols.  During the distillate process of getting oils from plants, a very valuable by-product  is achieved in a water-soluble base compatible with the most sensitive needs of felines.  These hydrolats contain many of the same chemical compounds and more, but in an absolutely safe dosage.  We, at Silk Road Oils Inc, are proud to bring you and option in the care of your cat.  Our track record, our customers, and our veterinarians have proved time and again that we are a serious and effective choice.

Cat NapA blend to calm cats.  Read More

Immewnity Chest A blend to help boost the immune system in cats.  Read More

Lickity SpritzerA blend to help prevent infections in dogs and cats. Read More

Litter Box NeutralizerA blend to neutralizes the potent ammonia scent of your cat box.  Read More

Meow OuchAn antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment for cats.  Read More

Peppermint Catty’s Purrly WhitesAn antibacterial and cleansing treatment for your cat's gums.  Read More

Purrfect EarsA blend to soothe and clean your cat's waxy ears.  Read More

Scat! No Fleas PleaseA blend to discourage fleas from cats.  Read More

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