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Welcome to the World of Aromadog

Natural Remedies for Dogs through essential oils

Essential oils and dogs:  where nature and life become one in a symbiotic relationship of balance and harmony with the essential essences of life. Aromadog uses pet safe essential oils...Finely crafted blends of therapeutic grade essential oils, premium herbal infusions, carrier oils, and hydrosols meld and do nature’s work to heal and soothe the most complex common ailments of animals.  We, at Silk Road Oils Inc, are proud to bring to you an option; a decidedly right choice in the care of your pets.  Our track record, our customers, and our veterinarians have proved time and again that we are a serious and effective choice for those pet owners who love their pets.

Arf-ritis Pain ReliefA blend to help with stiffness & ​arthritis pain in dogs.Read More

Bluto’s Yummy Gum BrushA blend  to help with oral hygiene, bad breath, and periodontal disease in dogs.Read More

Brilliance Coat A shampoo and conditioner.  Read More

Chill-OutA blend to help calm and quiet nervousness in dogs.Read More

Chill Out Power TubeAn air diffuser to help calm and quiet nervousness in dogs.  Read More

Cough DropCough suppressant for dogs.  Read More

Derma Pooch Spa – Therapeutic soap for dogs.Read More

Ear ClearEar cleaner for dogs.  Read More

Flea FlickerA treatment to repel fleas on dogs.  Read More

Healthy Shine ShampooAn herbal base shampoo for dogs.  Read More

Hot SpotA hot spot treatment for dogs.  Read More

I Don’t Stink SoA non-chemical blend that absorbs unpleasant pet odors.  Read More

I Itch NotA natural  treatment for dog's itchy skin.  Read More

Journey Home – A blend to soothe and comfort emotional  trauma in dogs.  Read More

Ladies Man Cologne – A blend to boost your dog's immune system.  Read More

Ladies Man Soap – A soap to moisturize your dogs' skin and coat.  Read More

Lickity Spritzer –  A blend to help prevent infections in dogs and cats.  Read More

Lyme Blaster – A blend to try and stop the infection  by tick bites.  Read More

Old Friend – A therapeutic blend for your devoted senior dog.  Read More

Quick Fix  An antiseptic for Dogs.  Read More

She Devil Soap – A gentle soap for your dog's fur and skin to help reduce inflammation and aids in the healing of dermatitis, insect bites and wounds.  Read More

She Devil Perfume – A cleanser for dogs made with a blend to boost the immune system  Read More

Tick Kit  – Tick Kit contains Tick Twister® and Aromadog's Lyme Blaster.  Read More

Tick Kit Plus – Tick Kit Plus is protection, tool, and treatment in one containing Flea Flicker, Tick Twister and Lyme Blaster.  Read More

Tick Twister – A Safe and Easy way to Remove Ticks from Dogs.  Read More

Traveling Blues – Therapeutic Blend for Car Sickness and Nausea. Read More

Essential Oils for Pets