Veterinary Recommended  Pet Approved#No Chemicals #No Alcohol #Just love #ZenChill Out To the Rescue!

Chill-Out Power Tube - A Natural Air Diffuser to Calm & Quite Nervousness in Dogs

A newly patented technology allowing essential oils to be released into the air without anyone in the room noticing or being affected!  This powerful blend of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Sweet Marjoram becomes fully portable and available 24/7 in this new ambient air diffuser to calm and quiet pet nervousness.

Just pump the "piston" and release the power of Aromatherapy in this newly patented technology which allows you to have all the benefits of Chill Out in an ultra dry ambient air format - No Spray - Just Air!  And because there is no propellant, H2O, pets are not intimidated or likely to back off as they might from a wet spray:  So simple yet so effective! The fob extension on the bottom of the Power Tube allows you to take it anywhere; attached to a key chain, back pack, cell phone, bracelet, lanyard, dog collar or wear it as a necklace, always ready.  The scent cell inside the Power Tube is made of a patented material which has a unique attraction for scent molecules. It is an exceptional carrier for the values of essential oils while not compromising the chemical components in anyway.


  • Hyperactivity

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Night Pacing

  • Thunderstorm Anxiety

  • Destructive Nervous Behavior

  • Vet Visits

  • Anything that causes your dog anxiety

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