Aromatherapy for Pets using Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to heal and nurture the body, mind and soul.  Essential Oils are the pure essence, the very soul, of plants.  Essential oils govern the immune system and manage the plant's life, deciding on  whether to mutate or migrate, how to survive in a world of insects, funguses, viruses and bacteria.

The harmony between plants and animals has long been known and documented, back to the dawn of man.  Thus, essential oils with their complicated chemical compounds have imparted to animals some very vital therapeutic qualities.  They are a gift from nature that offers us balance and a never ending resource to improving and embellishing our lives.

There are different aspects to essential use.  There is the emotional balance, memories, subtle energy and all over feel good.  There is also a physical healing.  All essential oils are antiseptic, antimicrobal, detoxifying, regulating, revitalizing and assist with the exchange of oxygen and nutrients.  When you combine emotional balance with the amazing healing quality of essential oils, the result is a phenomenal line of products that really work.  You absolutely have to experience this for yourself and your pet.

Aromatherapy is a very natural alternative for pet care.  A dog will knowingly eat a specific grass to ease digestion or soothe an upset stomach.  They seem to enjoy treatment with our blends, as they tend to naturally know what is good for them.  We have targeted some very common ailments to pets and pet owners.

They are not intended to replace your veterinarians diagnosis or experience.  They are simply an alternative, and in some instances, a preventative...

Essential Oils for Pets