I Itch Not​ - An Essential Oil Treatment for Dog's Itchy Skin 

Great for flaky itches, nagging flea allergies, dermatosis and any irritation that causes biting.  Our combination of essential oils are specially blended into a powerful treatment designed to sooth and calm your dog's problem itching.  This powerful blend soothes and relieves minor irritation.

Lavender and helichrysum team up to heal and soothe, roman chamomile (an anti-inflammatory and pain killer and soother) quell the urge of constant itching.  Cedarwood is a balancer and known treatment for flaky, itchy skin.

The essential oils are blended in a healing infusion of Calendula, Evening Primrose and jojoba.  Bach's Rescue Remedy has been added to halt the insanity of scratching.  This is gentle enough to be used as needed.  If caught soon enough your pet will not break the skin and you can avoid a hot-spot.  And, as an added bonus, this remedy will also soothe insect bites.

​Size: 1 oz​

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