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We are a senior couple and have a 2-year-old spayed 15-pound female Maltese that we purchased as a 9-week-old puppy. She always seems to have a right-ear infection, and I have to flush it and then put in Mometamax drops. I have also used Conofite lotion 1 percent, but this did not work as well as the Mometamax. She is also on Interceptor and Frontline Plus once a month. We have tried half an adult portion of Benadryl and then Hydroxyzine (25 mg., twice a day) for itching, as she bites her back feet. They really did not help much. Lately, I have found mucus in her stool. The vet gave me Biotic (one 1.25 ounce scoop in her food daily), and that has helped with this problem.

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I have a 10-year-old female Siamese cat. She seems to have a chronic condition. She sneezes, her eyes are irritated, and she has nasal discharge. She has had this condition for several years, with periods of relative calm. Eye drops help with the eyes temporarily. I have contacted several vets, and they don''t offer any solutions. Do you have any ideas? Read More

My 8-year-old male cat has gradually developed (over months) what appears to be a respiratory problem. The vet says it sounds somewhat like asthma. We tried a trial of antibiotics (no help) and two weeks of Prednisone (also no real help). I have three older cats (all indoor), and two of them have similar but milder reactions. I have heard that the clumping-type litter I've used for years (Tidy Cat) could cause these symptoms, so I recently tried switching to a wheat litter (couldn't stand the smell) and, more recently, pine and corn. I haven't noticed any improvement in the first cat, but have been told it can take a while. He still seems to be trying to clear his nasal passages at times, although his appetite is fine. The change in litter has been for only a few weeks. Can you recommend a better litter? Does it seem likely that the litter could be the culprit? Everything else is the same in their environment.Read More

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