Old Friend - Therapeutic Blend for Your Devoted Senior Dog

Old Friend is an essential oil blend that uses specific EO's to target the various symptoms of the aging process.

Just like people, the changes that come with old age can be debilitating and affect our quality of life.  Probably most notable is memory.  Dementia or cerebral insufficiency is defined as absentmindedness, anxiety, confusion, decreased physical performance, depressive mood, difficulty in concentrating or focus, lack of energy and lessoning of appetite.

Blend of:

  • Rosemary - Sniffing Rosemary can increase your memory by up to 75% according to a study by Robert Tisserand.  It is an uplifting oil and used to stimulate the mind and body.  It may even improve cognitive performance and mood.  It has also been known to ease symptoms of depression and reinvigorate the appetite.

  • Peppermint - Helps by stimulating the mind and calming the nerves at the same time.  It will help to boost the energy level with more motivation and focus on tasks.

  • Bergamot - May be used to relieve anxiety, mild depression and stress.

  • Black Pepper - Helps with sorting out of confusion and disorientation.  It's extremely helpful with focus and motivation.  A good example of this would be when a dog prefers sleep rather than explore a new scent.

  • Ylang Ylang - Eases depression and balances anxiety and energy with relaxation.  And stimulates a healthy appetite. 

4 oz.

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Veterinary Recommended  Pet Approved#No Chemicals #No Alcohol #Just love #ZenChill Out To the Rescue!

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