Our Story...Aromatherapy Products for Pets

Back in 1998, Faith Thanas and other pet lovers got together and developed an Aromatherapy  of products for pets. Faith, having a nursing background and extensive aromatherapy knowledge,applied her skills to the beauty industry in the U.S. and Virgin Islands. Others brought Aromatherapy skills that are widely practiced in Europe.  

They saw a need for Aromatherapy care for pets.  They applied their techniques to their own and friends' pets with incredible results.  Then they created an Aromatherapy line of  products that meets the most common needs of pet care - a line that gets results, is

pleasant to use, and is non-intrusive.

"Our customers valued quality and that's why today we continue to use only the finest therapeutic human grade quality essential oils from around the world.  We believe that our line of products represents the best Aromatherapy available, meticulously blended to create a product of unsurpassed quality and aroma.  We said when we began to 'Never compromise quality in our blends', and that will hold true about our products as long as our name appears on them.  We thank you for your continued patronage and we know your four-legged friends will too."

Essential Oils for Pets