"Aromadog and Aromacat Aromatherapy" products for dogs and cats launches in the UK and Europe

The Pet Business launches aromatherapy products for dogs and cats in the UK and Europe. The products have been developed since 1998 by professional fully qualified aromatherapists. Cat nap by Aromacat The Pet Business is really excited to be launching these amazing Aromatherapy products for pets in the UK.

'Silk Road Oils' launched in 1998 with the aim of providing aromatherapy products for dogs and cats. Faith Thanas is a professional aromatherapist who has developed the range over a number of years. The products are now sold and endorsed by vets across America.The company has developed two product lines 'Aromadog' for dogs and 'Aromacat' for cats. Aromadog uses essential oils and Aromacat uses hydrosols.

'Aromadog' uses blends of essential oils. All of the essentials oils used in the blends are top-quality, therapeutic, human-grade oils sourced by the company.

The company is passionate about ensuring they only ever use the finest grade oils in their blends. There are a number of products in the range. The first to be launched in the UK is 'Chill Out'. This can be used in any situation where your dog is anxious or distressed such as a visit to the vet. Chill out is designed to relax and calm anxious dogs in situations such as a car journey and when there are loud noises or fireworks. 'Chill Out' can also be used in any situation where there is anxiety. Examples of this may include moving house, the introduction of a new family member, or a visit to the groomers.

The essential oils may also help your pet if they become anxious when left at home alone. 'Chill Out' comes in a 236ml bottle with pump action spray. 'Chill Out' will soon be launched in a brand new patented dispenser that will make it even easier to use whenever it is required.

Jennifer Forsyth VMD is a holistic vet; and in an article on car journeys with her dogs, she writes, "I personally don’t leave home without my Aromadog 'Chill Out' spray. My dog, Margaux, gets anxious on long car rides. 'Chill Out' contains chamomile, lavender, and marjoram and it really does the trick for helping Margaux to relax on a car ride. These three herbs when used as aromatherapy can help with anxiety and make it easier for your pet to relax and catch some zzzzz’s. They can even help with the nausea that some pets get from motion sickness – win, win! I spray 'Chill Out' about once every hour or as needed".

Aromacat has been developed using hydrosols which are also known as flower waters, as essential oils are not recommended for use with cats due to their physiological makeup. The hydrosols contained in the Cat Nap are designed to be safe for use with cats and the blend comes in a 236ml pump action spray so that it can be used as and when needed and the application is controlled. Cat Nap soothes and calms anxious felines and can be used in situations of stress and anxiety such as a visit to the vets or groomers. They can also be used in catteries or when a new family member is introduced.

The Aromadog and Aromacat products can be purchased from The Pet Business website.

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