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​​​Purrfect Ears - Tulip, my Doll Face Persian, has had chronic ear infections in one of her ears. I have cleaned it several times per day with ear wash, as well as administering an antibiotic. They just were not working. I finally tried Purrfect Ears and after one week (no joke) her ear is the best its been in months. I am down to cleaning her ear once a day and even if her ear is not inflamed - it is still worth using daily. I am now using it on Lily, my Persian - even thou she hasn't had the same issues as Tulip. One amazing blend of witch hazel and lavender hydrosols...

~Kim E, Narragansett RI

Cough Drop - A Human Success Story..."I bought this for my dogs but had not had an occasion to use it on them but recently got the coughing crude. I had been coughing with a combination sinus/congestion/cold for 2 weeks and nothing was really helping the cough. The over the counter stuff attached the cold and sinus but with any physical exertion or cold air I would hack and hack until it left me breathless and tired. I am a farmer and spend 10 - 14 hours a day outside, in desperation I tried "Cough drop" on myself and it was great. I would spray it on my shirt or pillow and the immediate calming effect it had on my chest was great. I could take a deep breath without coughing and it took 3 days to help eliminate the cough after about 3 weeks of meds. Thank you, will definitely use it on my dogs."

Flea Flicker & Lyme Blaster - Hi, I just have to tell you - I just got back from a hike with my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Bug. I found a tick on me and ZERO on Bug. I do not use topicals on my dogs and have been using AromaDog's Flea Flicker since March (in conjunction with Springtime's BugOff Garlic). In that time I have found one tick on him.  I love it. Unlike many of the natural flea and tick deterrents the smell is not overwhelming and even better, it works! I have also tried Sentry's Natural Defense, Ectopamine, and a couple of other more "holistic" sprays - they were much heavier on clove and not as effective - although they would keep me away I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the product. I also have your Lyme Blaster and definitely notice a decrease in inflammation and swelling when there is a tick bite.   Thank you! 

~Julie and Bug~

Chill-Out - I just wanted to let you know how much Chill-Out has helped the dogs here at Best Friends Fur Ever. When we have a training class with a nervous owner and dog, we spray some around the room. Before you know it, they are both relaxed and doing much better. We always use Chill-Out at naptime here at doggie daycare. It helps the dogs to settle in and snooze.  Thanks for making such a great product.

~Judi Mayberry, Training Manager~ Best Friends Fur Ever

​I have been using your products for several years—always with excellent results! The Chill-Out is great for my two very young and lively English Setters-especially when they are "home alone".  The Hot Spot was the only thing that worked on my 16 1/2 year old Setter who had a lick granuloma on his leg for what seemed like his entire life!  He stopped the constant licking and chewing and the area healed after all that time and all of those years!  The Hot Spot and I Itch Not also work great on skin lesions on my Guinea Pigs! One of my present Guinea Pigs had a lesion on his shoulder where he was able to constantly scratch and gnaw. It healed in two days with the Hot Spot! These products work wonders when nothing else will.  

~Carol J. Kelm~

Bluto's Yummy Gum Brush:  Thank you so much for making Bluto's Yummy Gum Brush. It is not often that one would use a product and feel so compelled to call the manufacturer, but after using this miracle on my two Borzoi (Russian Wolfhounds) for only about a week, I had to call you. I wanted to give it a real clinical trial before putting it in writing. It is now about three weeks that I've been using Bluto's Yummy Gum Brush on my two Borzoi gals and the results have me totally amazed. I have always taken care of my dogs teeth by brushing and scaling because I used to breed and show them for many years. Besides their overall bodies, their mouths were also examined by judges. I know that many health problems start from poor gums and teeth. My dogs are used to having me handle them for complete grooming, but when it comes to brushing their teeth, I have never found a canine toothpaste that they take willingly until now and that is the first part of the miracle. No matter how diligent I was, one of my dogs was prone to gingivitis which could lead to further infection or even tooth loss without veterinary intervention. Of course this meant having to put her under anesthesia which is always risky, as well as extremely costly. This brings me to the second part of the miracle is that my 6 yr. old and 8 yr. old Borzoi gals' gums are now a beautiful healthy pink and not red at all and their teeth look like they have been professionally whitened without either of us having to go through any stress. I know that this is one product I will never run out of. I have told so many of my friends about this product that I began to feel like a TV commercial. You've formulated a great homeopathic product without harsh chemicals and abrasives. Saying Thank you just doesn't feel like enough. BRAVO!!!!  

​~Eadie Monsour~ ​​Vernon, NY

Chill-Out:  The first time I was introduced to Chill-Out was by a canine massage therapist. As she was attempting to work on my hyperactive Rat Terrier, Spike, he kept struggling and trying to escape from her to come to me. She sprayed the product in the air and instantly he sighed and settled down for a very relaxing message. It was magical!  Of course, seeing how the product worked, I bought a bottle of my own. We compete in agility and Spike is very highly driven and becomes very excited watching other dogs run in the ring. This made it very difficult for us to be the second dog running in the Pairs Relay. I began spraying Chill-Out before our Pairs events where we were the second team to run the relay. Everyone watching was amazed at how calm Spike was; even staying at the start line while a very fast Papillion went flying by into a tunnel right next to him. He runs as second dog very fast, confident, focused and reliably after a couple sprays of Chill-Out.  I also use the product on myself, as well as, my dog before any competitive agility run that places me into high stress. It is amazing how calm and relaxed it makes both of us and how much better we run together when we are both in a more controlled mental space.  

I now use the product whenever Spike needs to calm down, whether it is thunderstorms, nail clipping or chiropractic adjustments. He becomes a very relaxed dog in a matter of one or two seconds. It is incredible the visible change that takes place.  I now have a Parson Russell Terrier puppy and used Chill-Out on the first night I brought her home. She struggled, cried and whined when I place her in her crate for the first night. After I sprayed Chill-Out around her crate she immediately calmed down and slept through the entire night.  Chill-Out is a miracle product and proves to be a very effective means of chilling out both humans and canines. My dogs and I are now Chill-Out junkies!​                                                                 

~Kathleen Fleet, Spike and Deuce~

Arf-ritis Pain Relief:  My cock-a-poo, Sweetie-pie is over 121 in human years. All of her joints are arthritic and painful. A year ago I started massaging "Arf-ritis Pain Relief" from AROMADOG into her body and joints twice a day. Not only has it relieved her pain, it has also eased her stiffness. She recognizes the bottle and immediately comes for her massage, tail wagging. Arf-ritis Pain Relief has improved the quality of life for Sweetie-pie. I highly recommend this excellent product. 

~Rev.Dr. Andrea MacVicar~

Quick Fix:  One fine Monday a client came in the clinic and brought her Maltese with two wounds in front of the dog's head. She had no idea what caused the wounds. After clipping and examining the wounds, I found a rubber band that was inadvertently put on the dog’s head by her 2 year old. It was embedded in the skin. The cuts were about 3 inches wide and 1/4 inch deep. But the skin itself was swollen about 1/2 inch high. After cleaning and prepping the wounds, I did what Faith told me. I sprayed the Quick Fix on the wound and put the dog in the cage. Around 3 hours later, the swelling was gone - totally gone. It looked like a small cut instead of a wound.  On May 14, I did an entropy on a Shar Pei. After the surgery I put the Quick Fix below the eye and not above the eye. The next morning the swelling was gone below the eye and the surgical site above the eye was still swollen.

The previous year when the owner brought her cat in for a vaccination, we were forced to bag and muzzle the cat. It was still a huge struggle just to vaccinate her. This year I used some Chill-Out when the cat came in for her annual vaccination. I stroked her and petted her and talked to the cat for a few minutes. Then I prepared the vaccine. I then told the owner I was going to vaccinate the cat. I then proceeded with the vaccination and the cat just sat there on the table purring. The owner could not believe what just happened. But what happened next was even more incredible. I then walked in front of the exam table and the cat crawled up my chest and put its paws around my neck and purred.

A month ago, a client brought in her 3 year old Cocker Spaniel with a chronic ear infection. When we head cleaned the ears the previous month, the dog had to be tranquiled. I sprayed the Chill-Out misting the air around the pet and in a few minutes she relaxed. I then decided to try to clean her very sensitive ears without the tranquilizer. I was able to clean her ears by myself, without any support staff in the examination room. The dog did not move once. I could not believe it. The only bad thing was the dog kept trying to get closer to me and I couldn't keep her far enough away to finish the procedure.  Again, the client couldn't believe it and purchased some for her husband!  We have great luck with the patients who chew their paws. A little I Itch Not and they quit.  

~Dr. Richard Porter~ Porter Ridge Animal Clinic

​Aromadog Hot Spot remedy completely healed my American Bulldog "Diesel"

Diesel is a 3 year old white American Bulldog who is treated Homeopathically. Although I have received many herbs in the past for Diesels skin issues (some with success and some without), nothing helped him when he got two very large hot spots. One of the hot spots was on his head, the other on the side of his face.  Both were extremely irritated and infected to say the least. I tried several herbs sent by my Homeopath and finally gave up. Diesel then went to another doctor who uses all of the Aromadog products. She sent him home with the Hot Spot remedy and told me to apply it twice daily. I did exactly that and within two days the hot spots were almost completely healed, after about five days they were gone Diesel is now completely hot spot free. I keep the remedy at home just in case it flares up again, but I have yet to use it, as he is his happy old self again.

I now carry the Aromadog line in my Pet Resort, and have recommended not only the Hot Spot remedy to my clients, but all of their products. I have gotten nothing but extremely positive feedback and will continue to carry all of Aromadog products.  All I can say is thank you on behalf of me, my family and Diesel for allowing us to enjoy him once again and not see him suffer any longer. I highly recommend that anyone with a companion animal try these products, I guarantee you will not be sorry. What do you have to lose... it won't be sleep I'm sure, and I know I spent many a night listening to Diesel just going crazy scratching, now we all sleep better.  Again my gratitude to Aromadog.​

 ~Paul Funt~ ​Bark Avenue Pet Resort

Hot Spot- I talked with you on the phone about 6 days ago regarding purchasing your special Hot Spot Anti-Inflammatory product. .I saw your information in this month's "The Whole Dog Journal" in which they devoted a great article on how to handle "Lick Granuloma".  The article was "X Marks the Spot" on Page 12.  Am I glad I saw this article and how to get a hold of your product!  On Page 15 the article listed 13 vendors under "Putting Out Hot Spots" attached are 2 photos of my special pet "Lad", who is a trained therapy dog.  I have had dogs for as long as I can remember, and some of them had the terrible "hot spot" that NO Vet could cure!  That is until I purchased your product!  Lad developed 2 serious "hot spots" - one on his right front knee area and under his tail.  I believe these developed when I applied an anti-grub material on my lawn about 2 weeks ago Lad was laying on the grass as I laid down the product before I could water it on the lawn he developed an itch and he started to shed clumps of hair; then the cursed "licking" started!  I gave him a good  wet anti-itch bath to clean his fur and then purchased Hot Spot.  As I take him to long-term care hospitals, nursing homes and to disturbed children, I was concerned that I would have to discontinue "our visits."  Again, thanks to you Lad stopped the "licking" and he is now just about back to normal as both wounds have dried up and the hair is returning..

You would not believe what he has done in bringing joy to those in need  Lad is a very special kind of animal, indeed!  He has been responsible for one person at St. Camillus Hospital, who had not talked nor recognized any person in 6 months, actually start talking again!  Simply amazing! But that is only one of many instances.  I could go on and on at his ability to communicate with those in need..  He understands about 100 words/phrases!  I have never formally trained him.-  I just talk to him and he does what I ask!  Again, thanks for helping Lad and me solve what could have developed into a very serious condition!  And, by the way, I hope you wouldn't be mad if I told my friends about you!  In closing I would also like to say thanks for recommending the Pet Barn in Worcester! I'm going to doooooo my pet item shopping there, too!

 ~Ed Quigley and Lad - Whitinsville, MA~

I Don't Stink So:  We have been using the Aromadog products now at Friendship Animal Wellness Center for five years. We love all of the products and order them frequently.  In the exam rooms, we find that the Chill-Out for dogs and Cat Nap for cats are quite calming and sometimes will allow us to examine a fractious or nervous animal that would otherwise have to be sedated. The owners love the scent and often recognize an essence like lavender that they use at home. We also use I Don't Stink So in the exam rooms after expressing anal glands; it takes the strong stink out of the room immediately without leaving an obnoxious odor.

We see ear infections quite frequently in South Florida. The Ear Clear is the only product I have used that dogs actually seem to enjoy having applied.  It seems to be quite soothing while at the same time able to kill the bacteria or the yeast causing the infection (alone or in conjunction with other topical medication).  I use Healthy Shine Shampoo and Coat Conditioner for my Australian Shepard after bathing; she has a healthy natural clean smell and light sheen.  I would be happy to tell you more about my success treating other conditions with other Aromadog products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

~Carol L. Falck, VMD~ Friendship Animal Wellness Center

Dear Aromadog;  We picked up our dogs from the boarding facility to discover that the cough was not due to Marcus' consistent barking over the course of the week, but kennel cough. By the time we figured it out, he was halfway to bronchitis and passed it on to one of my other dogs. I ordered Cough Drop. Within a week, Ricky was good and a week and half later Marcus was his old self again. I was very concerned about Marcus as he has chronic medical conditions. This is an awesome product and I highly recommend it.  Mary Oquendo February 7, 2011 I would like to share information about the following products and the success I had with them.   Chill-Out for Dogs I transport dogs from kill to no kill shelters. I have as many as 15 dogs in my car at one time. Dogs that are anxious, sad, scared, confused and BARKING......What I do now is after I load the car with the cages, I put a blanket in each cage that has been sprayed with Chill-Out. I can say positively that it has made a big difference in the transporting in my van. The dogs are calm and content and usually end up sleeping in my vehicle. I have had a lot of other transporters tell me that they can’t believe how calm my dogs are when they get them from my van to their vehicle. I just did a large run and there were 7 puppies...very tired of each other...fighting and barking very loudly and upsetting the other dogs. Once they settled down....and laid on their blanket....they all went to sleep,  instead of fighting and barking the whole way. It was great. I won’t do any transporting without it anymore. 

  • ​​​Hot Spot and I Itch Not 
    This is what started me on all your products......my mom and sister live together and they have 4 dogs and all of them were losing hair and had raw sores all over their bodies. I was at the Backer Show and I stopped at the Aromadog booth. I really didn't think that these were going to work but we were desperate...my sister had taken the dogs to lots of different vets and none of them could help. The dogs were really suffering and itching like crazy. They started them on these two products and now...they are all healed and have all their hair back. It is just amazing!!! I have never had luck with any other products like these before, but this line of products works like a miracle. 

  • Meow Ouch 
    I have a stray cat that I was taking care of for several months. I bought this product for a sore that he had on his neck!!!! It cleared it up so fast and it was great. I love this product. It works great. 

  • Purrfect Ears 
    The stray that I took care of for several months also had horribly dirty itchy ears and this product cleared the problem up in no time. It is great!!! Now I have 1 dog and 9 cats in the basement and I am using all the products and they are working great and keeping their ears and sores in check. 

  • Cat Nap
    I love this stuff. I go nowhere without it. I transport cats from kill to no kill shelters, plus all of my fosters, plus I have one new cat and one new kitten. I spray this around every day and it has really helped the introduction of the new members of the family. It has kept everyone calm and peaceful.....instead of hissing and fighting. I love this product the most...it is awesome. 

I will be a customer of this company forever.....Their products are the best!!!


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